Survey for Swiss biotech companies

To show the importance and strength of the Swiss biotech industry, the Swiss Biotech Association gathers financial key figures and validates them in cooperation with EY to lay a sound basis for the Swiss Biotech Report and the Swiss Biotech Ventures platform.

The anonymous results will be compared with the figures from other sources to validate them. We plan to conduct these surveys annually. Please spare some minutes and support us in the representation of the Swiss biotech industry, by providing us with your key financial data.

Your input will only be shared anonymously and is restricted to the figures you provide. No connections can be made to your company by our external partner EY. The name of your company is only required to enable us to communicate with you regarding this or future surveys.

Guideline for your input

  • Total revenues should include all elements of revenue, including services, awards, grants, licensing income, revenue related to milestones, and product sales.
  • R&D expenses / investments should include all R&D cash spent, irrespective if CAPEX or OPEX. Please also provide data related to patent boxes, if available.
  • Company valuation estimate derived from e.g. information in connection with latest financing rounds or similar.

Please reply no later than February 28, 2022

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