CSEM is pleased to invite you for the first webinar of our series, organized jointly with New Frontiers in 3D.

While organ-on-chip & organoids technologies have made incredible progress in mimicking their human equivalents, the challenge shifts toward modelling multi-tissue interactions. Such systems enable a more systemic view of biological processes and allow for example understanding complex pharmacodynamics, compound effects on target and off-target organs as well as disease modelling involving the immune response.

Co-chaired by Vincent Revol, CSEM and Adrian Roth, Roche, this webinar will feature presentations by experts in the field followed by a live panel discussion and Q&A.

  • Philip Morris’ Applications and Perspecitives on Organs on a Chip & Microphysiological Systems
    Kasper Renggli-Frey, Scientist Systems Toxicology, Philipp Morris International
  • How to maintain scalability and robustness in multi-organ systems
    Olivier Frey, Head of Technologies & Platforms, InSphero
  • Multi-organ systems to evaluate efficacy and toxicity of compounds
    Dr. James J. Hickman, University of Central Florida
  • A microfluidic-based lid for automated multiwell perfusion
    Sarah Heub and Dr. Siegfried Graf, Experts Life Microsystems, CSEM

About the Next Gen Organ-On-Chip & Organoids Webinar Series
Structured around four editions, the Webinar Series gathers the whole community to accelerate the translation of advanced in-vitro models into clinical and drug development applications, to develop innovative products or services based on groundbreaking technologies and to overcome barriers associated with the adoption of new methods and technologies in a regulated environment.

Webinars roadmap 2021
Webinar N°1
Advanced tissue-tissue interactions - March 17

Webinar N°2
Regenerative medicine workshop: from lab to clinic - April 28

Webinar N°3
Organ-on-Chip for woman health - September

Webinar N°4
Emerging technologies - November

  • March 17, 2021 @ 4:00 pm

  • Rue Jaquet-Droz 1, Neuchâtel, Switzerland - VIRTUAL event

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Rue Jaquet-Droz 1, Neuchâtel, Switzerland - VIRTUAL event