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The purpose of this position is to excel in the measurement of biological samples using the ARTIDIS AFM technology in combination with a deep understanding of the biology of the samples. This person is thus able to perform high quality measurements at customers sites. She or he also bridges clinical operations, R&D and operators at customer site to ensure that the measurements provided, and assays developed by ARTIDIS meet the user needs and quality expectations. Based on the experience with biological samples and the ARTIDIS technology, this role is also required to develop assays for new kinds of samples when business opportunities open.
The AFM Research Specialist covers the complete ARTIDIS life cycle from sample preparation, sample preservation and transport to the ARTIDIS measurement, measurement quality assessment and optimization down to data analysis specific to AFM measurements but also results evaluation and report writing in the biological or clinical context.

Furthermore, the AFM Research Specialist can train and instruct new ARTIDIS operators or operators at customer sites. It also lies in the responsibility of this position to validate the performance of newly manufactured machines for measurements on biological samples and repeat validation if required at the customer-site.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • AFM measurements and analysis
  • Continuous improvement of measurement routines and measurement quality
  • Regular updates with latest literature regarding AFM and the relevant basic biology and clinical literature
  • Writing of scientific reports and papers
  • Instruction and training of operators
  • Execution of experiments at customer and ARTIDIS site
  • Development of new assays on the ARTIDIS platform
  • Planning and execution of validation testing
  • Frequent and extended traveling to ARTIDIS customer sites (Europe, US)


  • Deep experience in AFM operation (ideally PhD or similar), specifically mechanical testing of biological samples
  • Excellent communication with customers, operators, and engineers
  • Excellent writing skills and a track record of scientific publications in nanomechanics
  • Thrive for start-up experience
  • Courage to go new ways combined with risk awareness and mitigation
  • Willingness to take responsibility
  • Solid understanding of the biological basics of tissue and cell nanomechanichs

Working conditions

Our work environment is a typical start-up with an intrinsically motivated international team. You will work in a highly motivated team and your work serves a highly meaningful purpose. We offer a great place for rapid advancement and a promising opportunity to learn and share know-how in a very agile environment. This position will require potential frequent traveling for the execution of experiments, on-site customer support or trouble shooting.

We are looking for a team player who appreciates direct communication and is willing to go the extra mile when required. The effort is rewarded with challenging tasks and the possibility to take responsibility. We offer a competitive salary, a bonus, and an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) for outstanding performance.


Basel, Switzerland

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