Are you about to set up your own biotech company or have you recently started a new business?

In the 5-day business creation training module, you will receive specific answers to your questions about your biotech startup.

We will support you to come up with:

  • a clear formulation of the unmet medical need and target product profile you plan to address
  • bringing your idea to the correct regulatory path (CE marking, FDA)
  • understand key biotech business models (e.g. licensing)
  • identify routes to market and reimbursement strategies
  • set up your product development roadmap (for drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, etc.)
  • design preclinical studies, quality management and certification processes
  • build you network of key opinion leaders (KOLs), team members and experts
  • understand the key elements of biotech startup valuation and financing.

Eventually, you will be able to deliver a winning pitch in front of an expert panel.

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