• Monday, February 14, 2022 @ 12:00 am

InterAx Biotech is pleased to announce that Carola Weiss has joined the company as VP Business Development. Carola Weiss is a Senior Executive with more than 20 years of international experience in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Carola Weiss’ professional career brings deep expertise in business development, marketing & sales, licensing, alliance management, and strategic partnering. Her expertise guided numerous global negotiations, conclusions of partnership agreements, and fostered growth for her employers.

Experience and Outlook
The focus of Carola’s activities has been in pharmaceutical firms, including F. Hoffmann-La Roche and Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd. She joined Actelion as an early-stage company and excelled in business development with key projects in market assessment, product launches, line extensions, licensing deals, strategic partnerships, new market entries, and continuous improvement of marketing and sales. Carola’s responsibilities expanded with the organization’s growth until it was acquired in 2017 by Johnson & Johnson. After the acquisition she integrated the global partnership businesses into the Johnson & Johnson organizations. As an innovative and accomplished global leader focused on impact with long-standing biotechnology experience, Carola Weiss worked in local, regional, and global roles with a track record of creating high-performing teams.

“We are delighted to officially welcome Carola Weiss as a new member of our management team” said Dr. Aurélien Rizk, CEO of InterAx Biotech. “Carola’s expertise, network and leadership will help to commercialize our unique discovery platform and lead drug candidate for triple-negative breast cancer”

InterAx unique technology for drug discovery has been successfully applied on three biopharma collaborations and one internal oncology drug discovery program. InterAx triple-negative breast cancer drug candidate shows excellent efficacy on cancer cell lines, good pharmacokinetic properties, and target engagement in-vivo. InterAx is now scaling up the commercialization of its platform and seeking a co-development partner for its drug candidate.

“I am excited to support InterAx in commercializing its groundbreaking platform to small, mid-sized and large drug companies to further improve speed and success rates in GPCR-related drug discovery. My role will be to continuously increase the number of mutually productive partnerships, allowing InterAx to position itself as a game changer in this most exciting class of drug targets.”, says Carola Weiss.