• Tuesday, June 23, 2020 @ 12:00 am

The Swiss biotech and the international pharmaceutical company UCB are planning a long-term cooperation in the field of stabilized enzymes.

INOFEA AG, a biotech company that focuses on the development of a novel enzyme platform, announced the conclusion of a purchase and supply contract with UCB this spring. The companies plan long-term cooperation in the field of stabilized enzymes, which will be used for the clinical development of new drugs.

INOFEA has developed the technology platform enzzen, with which each enzyme or enzyme cocktail is anchored on safe silica particles and protected by applying a structured coating. This stabilization of enzymes prevents the inactivation of enzymes and gives them remarkable resistance to process conditions such as acidity, elevated temperatures, the presence of chaotropic agents and the presence of proteases. The result is a higher efficiency of enzzen-formulated enzymes compared to commercially available enzymes.

"Our mission is to become a preferred partner in enzyme technology through innovation, partnership and effective product delivery," says Dr. Anne Timm, managing director of INOFEA. “Our main goal is to strengthen enzymes in a way that is versatile, safe and economical. We will achieve this by reconciling scientific knowledge with the commercial use of the results and high environmental protection”.

The innovative technology platform from INOFEA can be used in many ways. With enzzen e.g. environmentally friendly medication and baby food can be produced more efficiently and safely. In addition to the pharmaceutical and food industries, there are many applications in the chemical industry and in consumer care.

INOFEA's customers include the world's largest pharmaceutical and food companies. At the beginning of the year, the company signed a development contract with a top 5 food company. A pilot study with a top 10 pharmaceutical company was started recently. INOFEA's customers also include small and medium-sized companies that want to stabilize enzymes. Due to the numerous demands from Swiss and international industry, INOFEA is in an expansion phase.