Job description

Intern Research Associate in Cell Biology or Molecular Biology

Monte Rosa Therapeutics is seeking passionate Intern Research Associate to help us to eliminate disease causing proteins through targeted protein degradation–a novel and exciting way of drugging proteins that until recently were considered un-druggable. The candidates will gain hands-on experience within a particular area of interest in an early-stage drug discovery environment. You will work with an industry leader who will direct and mentor you on your project, as well as expose you to other drug discovery projects and involve you in the process of solving complex biological questions. You will be joining a diverse, thoughtful, fun and collaborative environment that emphasizes teamwork and putting people first!

If you have an interest in any of the following areas, we will give you hands on educational experience within a high paced Drug discovery environment.

Cell Biology
• You will investigate degradation of proteins and investigate E3 ligases by various techniques across cancer cell lines.
• You will also have the opportunity to develop and validate orthogonal methods for protein level measurements.
• You will be attending and presenting your data at the team and project meetings.

• Our preference is for a student currently in a Master degree program in Cell Biology, molecular biology, or a life science.
• Strong desire to learn the most advance approaches to drug discovery
• Cell Biology centric individuals should have previous experience with mammalian cell culture, and typical cell biology techniques (e.g. Viability assays, ELISA, Western Blot, PCR).
• Enjoys working in a team-based environment.

Molecular biology
• You will develop and validate an automated molecular cloning platform for multi-fragment DNA assembly, using various lab automation technologies.
• You will employ this workflow to investigate molecular glue-induced E3 ligase-neosubstrate protein-protein interactions, thereby supporting the company’s drug discovery pipeline.
• You will be presenting your findings at team and project meetings.

• Our preference is for a student currently in a master’s degree program in cell Biology, molecular biology, biochemistry or a related field.
• Strong desire to learn advanced approaches in lab automation and molecular cloning.
• Previous experience in molecular cloning (classical restriction-ligation or Golden Gate, Gateway, Gibson Assembly), including know-how in culturing bacteria, PCR, DNA electrophoresis and DNA/RNA purification.
• Experience with mammalian cell culture is an advantage, but not required.
• Is a fast learner and enjoys working in a team-based environment.

Interested Candidates may forward CV and Cover Letter letting us know your area of interest please forward to

Monte Rosa Therapeutics rational approach in targeting disease-causing proteins for degradation will deliver pioneering therapies for cancer and other diseases. Delivering this new generation of treatments to the patients requires a conceptual change. Monte Rosa recognizes this urgent need and is missioned to develop innovative protein degraders as a solution. Combining deep knowledge, insight and leading-edge science, our integrated engine is built for that purpose.

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