The world of therapeutic development is becoming increasingly complex. Competition is diversifying and innovating across industries, just as new regulations and multi-stakeholder engagements disrupt the competitive landscape. Challenge or opportunity? It is up to you.

This program explores the entire development process of therapeutic interventions, from initial planning all the way to commercialization. Our participants deepen their existing subject matter expertise. They also learn the leadership qualities and management tools required to lead multi-disciplinary projects in Biotech, Medtech and Pharma Ventures.


What does the certificate prepare you for?

  • Managing strategy and execution of successful and sustainable alliances
  • Navigating data management challenges and opportunities
  • Positioning Intellectual Property as a source of competitive advantage
  • Implementing best practices in clinical trial processes
  • Designing and implementing competitive marketing strategies
  • Leveraging Good Manufacturing Practice to develop products and manufacturing facilities
  • Mastering successful project management approaches


Who is this certificate for?

  • Subject matter experts who want to deepen their knowledge in specialized areas
  • Professionals who are interested in branching out into new areas of Biotech, Medtech or Pharma
  • People looking to boost their ability to take on increased managerial responsibilities
  • Managers of other disciplines looking to enter the fields of Biotech, Medtech or Pharma
  • Practitioners eager to certify their knowledge and experience with a top-level university
  • January 28, 2025 @ 9:00 am
  • June 26, 2025
  • Lausanne
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