• Wednesday, July 8, 2020 @ 9:00 am

PharmaBiome AG, a pioneer in next-generation microbiome therapies, announces the election of Dr. Thomas Meier as chairman of the board and Dr. Patrik Forrer as a further new board member. The company successfully raised new capital in the amount of CHF 1.75 million to bridge to a planned Series A financing.

PharmaBiome strengthens its Board of Directors
Dr. Thomas Meier has joined the board as PharmaBiome’s new Chairman. Thomas has a strong track record in the pharmaceutical industry as founder, chief scientific officer and senior manager. In his last position, he served as CEO of Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG (SIX: SANN) which he successfully advanced from early stages to a fully integrated commercial company.

Dr. Patrik Forrer has been elected a board member of PharmaBiome. Patrik was an instrumental driving force behind the development of designed ankyrin repeat proteins (DARPins) as a novel therapeutic modality. Based on this technology, he co-founded Molecular Partners AG (SIX: MOLN) in 2004 and served the company in various functions, incl. as its first chairman. In 2019 he cofounded his second venture Athebio AG.

Co-founder and former board member Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rogler of the Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University Hospital Zürich will continue to closely support the Company with his unique clinical expertise in microbiome therapies. Co-founder Prof. Dr. Christophe Lacroix of the Food Biotechnology Laboratory at the ETH Zurich remains on PharmaBiome’s board and will continue contributing his leading expertise in biotechnology and the production of beneficial microbes.

“I am very pleased that with Thomas and Patrik we have been able to attract highly experienced and visionary minds to our leadership team. Their entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a deep knowhow of science and innovation will significantly support our growth ambitions as we move our lead product towards clinical development and strengthen our platform technology,” said Dr. Tomas de Wouters, CEO and co-founder of PharmaBiome. “I am most grateful that we can continue to rely on the leading-edge scientific advice from our founders who will continue working closely with PharmaBiome.”

Additional financing of CHF 1.75 million to advance lead product PB002
PharmaBiome has secured CHF 1.75 million in bridge financing from current shareholders and new investors including newly elected members of the board. The new funds will allow the Company to advance the preclinical development of its most advanced product PB002 for the treatment of ulcerative colitis (UC) and to strengthen its unique production and lead identification platforms. With the intention of initiating the first pilot clinical trial with PB002 in UC, PharmaBiome has the ambition to emerge as a leading European company in the microbiome field. PharmaBiome also plans to raise a Series A financing to further support its product pipeline and platform technology.

About the Microbiome
The human microbiome is defined as the collective genomes of the microbes that live inside and on the human body. Specific microbiomes, such as the intestinal microbiome are composed of highly adapted microbes including bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi and unicellular microbes. Changes in microbiome composition can result in persistent imbalances (dysbiosis), which are thought to be an underlying cause or contributing factor of a multitude of chronic diseases including ulcerative inflammatory, metabolic, cancer-related and neuronal disorders. Microbiome-related interventions have the therapeutic potential to sustainably re-establish a healthy state and support the cure of multiple diseases linked to dysbiosis.