Job description

Senior Machine Learning Operations Engineer Role (MLOES)

Volv Global SA seeks a Senior Machine Learning Operations Engineer to develop and implement advanced data pipelines and support an experienced Data Science Team who build machine learning algorithms for a broad range of healthcare applications., including:

·       patient-phenotyping and outcomes-prediction using electronic health records and other clinical data;

·       predictive analysis of ‘wearable’ sensor data, such as passively collected smartphone data streams, to detect and monitor brain disorders;

·       predictive modelling of, and causal inference from, observational data, to facilitate personalised therapy design, clinical trials recruitment and monitoring, and related decision-support applications.

This person will focus on implementing best-in-class Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) tools and processes for the Data Science (DS) Team to leverage in order to enhance the reproducibility and resilience of our insights and products. The MLOps Engineer will have substantial expertise in designing and deploying advanced data pipelines working with APIs as well as batch jobs to support machine learning methods that Volv Global SA has developed and demonstrated through both top-tier research publications and real-world impact in high-consequence environments.

Importantly, the MLOps Engineer will understand the sensitivity and challenges of working with anonymised and pseudonymised healthcare data as well as working on remote servers in a worldwide setting across multiple geographies.

What you will be responsible for
The role will involve close collaboration with a team of recognised experts in machine learning. The role requires the ability to quickly understand customer goals and needs, define project scope/methodology/deliverables, develop/implement/document models, and deliver value-driven, high-quality products. Volv Global SA will supply ample mentoring and collaborative opportunities to enable technical and professional development. The MLOps Engineer will be responsible for:

·       Integrate MLOps tools in our data science processes

·       Setup CI/CD pipelines for the deployment of our ML models

·       Build docker containers for developing our ML models and deploy them in the infrastructure of our customers

·       Build dashboards for capturing various metrics of the performance of ML models

·       Design, implement and maintain internal databases of input metadata and output results

·       Track the performance of the deployed model on production

·       Participate in code testing of our library, code reviewing

·       Document the MLOps workflow

·       Support the DS Team in building data pipelines in advanced machine learning projects

·       Develop best practices and document with How-to Guides for MLOps practices.

What we are looking for
·       MSc or BSc in computer science/engineering or a closely related field with work experience.

·       Experience working with healthcare data will be a differentiator for any candidate.

·       Experience with medical databases, ontologies, and/or claims data.

·       Experience with MLOps tools and best practices.

·       Experience with data visualisation tools.

·       Proficiency in SQL, noSQL, Python, and Pytest.

·       Experience with ORM (sqlalchemy or equivalent).

·       Experience with Docker.

·       Knowledge of Docker-compose / Kubernetes / Redis / Azure database (or other cloud solution AWS etc).

What would be nice to have
·       Graph Database like Neo4J or equivalent.

Qualities we would like you to have
·       Written and oral communication skills in English.

·       Ability to communicate and share their expertise with the DS Team.

·       Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team environment in different time zones.

·       Initiative-taking with a sense of ownership, willingness to learn, and a desire to succeed.

·       You do not have to be an expert in all or any of the above areas, but we need someone with a passion for learning, with a growth mindset, to be initiative-taking, and above all have the ability to receive and integrate feedback.

Who you will work with and report to
You will be working closely in our Data Science Team and will report directly to the CEO.

Where you will work
The role will be based in Volv’s Headquarters: Bâtiment: PHENYL, Route de la Corniche 3, Epalinges, Vaud, 1066.

Working across time zones will be required in this global team.

Flexible working is allowed with an element of working remotely (e.g., home) on completion of the Probationary Period.

Who we are
Volv Global SA is a Swiss-based healthcare start-up applying AI to healthcare with a focus on rare or difficult-to-diagnose diseases. We partner with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to help close the diagnostic gap, thereby helping to improve outcomes for people living with disease by them gaining access to treatment much earlier.

Our team uses proprietary algorithms designed by leading machine learning experts to help find undiagnosed people living with disease who may have fallen through the cracks of traditional healthcare systems. We aim to be the fastest, most precise, and most accurate diagnostic platform in our field.

Our values
We believe remarkable things happen when people from different walks of life come together to solve complex problems. At Volv Global SA, we strive to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company whilst maintaining a culture of creativity, curiosity, constant learning, collaboration, camaraderie, trust, and respect. We hope you will want to come and share your knowledge; to help us shape our purpose and values.


Building Serine, 3rd Floor, Rte de la Corniche 5, 1066 Epalinges, Switzerland

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