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In order to support and build up our protein engineering and production team, we are looking for a Senior Scientist (100%) experienced in protein engineering, expression, purification and characterization. In this role, she / he will be responsible for the generation of binding protein moieties by protein engineering and selection from libraries. The underlying libraries will be designed, set up and maintained by the successful candidate either in-house or in collaboration with external service providers and she / he will be responsible for validation of the corresponding hits. Moreover, the offered position involves the expression of protein constructs in mammalian and bacterial cells and the purification of these proteins using state-of-the-art chromatographic techniques. The Senior Scientist will closely collaborate with Vector BioPharma’s application teams to provide optimal protein reagents for research and preclinical purposes. For this challenging position, we are looking for a highly motivated and experienced Senior Scientist with a proven track record in antibody engineering, expression, purification, and characterization.


Basel, Switzerland

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