Job description

CDR-Life develops novel tumor-targeted immunotherapies. A key part of this process is the advancement of therapeutic candidates from discovery to early clinical development by developing, implementing, and executing strategies to characterize pharmacodynamic properties across several drug development programs.

Technical Scientist Immuno-Oncology (100%) 
in vitro characterization of first-in-class immuno-oncology drugs

We are seeking a passionate and experienced associate as part of the pharmacology team to support CDR-Life’s pipeline of immunotherapies. A central part of the role is the profiling of drug compounds in various cell biological assays. The candidate will work in a matrix environment to drive scientific innovation collaboratively with other members of the pharmacology & discovery group, as well as with other functions including the developability profiling group, CMC unit and external collaborators.

- Develop, design, conduct and analyze pharmacological assays for identification, characterization, and validation of immune-based therapies (e.g. proliferation, cytotoxicity, and cytokine release assays).

- Establish and optimize flow cytometric assays for immunophenotyping and characterization of antibody fragments.

- Maintain and optimize mammalian cell culture processes and organize and conduct PBMC isolation from buffy coats.

- Organize and maintain general laboratory infrastructure.

- Contribute to implementation of immunology/oncology in vitro studies and ex vivo mechanism of action studies.

- Apprenticeship/B.Sc./M.Sc. with research experience in the fields of cellular biology, immunology and/or cancer immunotherapy, 5+ years industry experience.

- Highly experienced in mammalian cell culture work, conducting cell-based assays and analysis of multiple immune endpoints (cytotoxicity, proliferation, cytokine levels).

- Experience in working with primary cells or iPS cells.

- Hands-on experience with flow cytometry or multiplex assays (Luminex or MSD) is required.

- Experience with evaluating and implementing new technologies is a plus.

- Well-organized with an independent and accurate working style (experience with ELN is a plus)

- Positive, reliable, open-minded, and flexible team player

- Fluency in English

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