Oncology Biotech 12-packs comprise e-learning courses and a digital assistant that will help you become proactive in any discussion or project that explore the frontiers of oncology. Two modules are ready for your learning needs and learning pleasure: CAR T Cells and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors.

Biotech 12 Packs are created and published much like a scientific magazine. As a subscriber, you will receive new modules on a regular basis, once every three to four weeks.


You can dive into rapid e-learning and serious fun - anytime, anywhere

Each module contains a set of short video lectures (averaging 5 minutes) and community resources:

  • a discussion forum
  • a journal for taking notes that can be shared
  • reference materials
  • announcements and short quizzes to test your knowledge


With each new module comes a set of biotech toolboxes that introduce relevant key terms, essential for mastering the common territory of all biotechnology. These terms constitute a growing biotech toolboxes encyclopedia, a framework for the creation of shareable life sciences knowledge for all stakeholders in healthcare.


As a subscriber you will get unlimited access to the content of all biotech toolboxes that are part of your Biotech 12 Pack subscription. Content will be updated regularly, with a growing community of expert contributors.

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  • December 31, 2021
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