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    Development of Swiss Biotechnology Beyond the Biopharmaceutical Sector – a joint activity of the Swiss Biotech Association (SBA) and the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW)

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    The Swiss Biotech Orbit Platform is being built to attract biotech talents (national and international) and to awake their interest in the Swiss biotech industry. The focus is primarily on experienced talents […]

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    The need: Too many of our neighbors are living in poverty—struggling to meet basic necessities, obtain an education, and earn a living wage. The o […]

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    Since its inception in 2004, the Swiss Industrial Biocatalysis Consortium (SIBC) has brought together scientists from the Pharma, Fine Chemicals, Agrochemicals and Flavor and Fragrance Industries with the goal of […]

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    This is a test group for dedicated news to members of the Swiss Biotech Association

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    Bring together young scientists from all educational formats with experienced scientists from the industry to show the broad range of job possibilities and perspectives in the future.
    This early career networking […]

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    “Swiss Industrial Biotech Quo Vadis” focuses on the actual industrial perspective, including market moves & trends and commercial opportunities. It is a commutual activity to the “Future trends & innov […]

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    To showcase and provide visions of all shapes or forms why the Swiss biotech industry is attractive and creating valuable products. This is an essential element to make the industry known and at the same time draw […]

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    This groups looks at Industrial Biotechnology through the looking glass, following emerging technologies and technology trends including regulatory framework and other important aspects. What are the […]

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    This group assures the completion of the Swiss biotech directory to include all industrial biotech stakeholders on the SBA Website and the annual print version. Another task is to set up and establish the SBA IB […]

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    How to attract talents who are at ease in both disciplines, chemistry and biology as well as bioengineering and chemical engineering. The IB platform will assist potential investors to gain insights into the Swiss […]

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    The piloting infrastructure available for industrial biotechnology projects is very limited in Switzerland (especially the USP part with fermentation). The situation requires an analysis of the actual situation, […]

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