Our partner network provides crucial advantages

The Swiss Biotech Association can reap several benefits from forming partnerships with other organizations. National and international partnerships help us to leverage our impact.

Access to a wider pool of resources
By partnering with other organizations, we can access a broader range of resources and exchange with specialized industry stakeholders. Our partner- ships strengthen our voice and leverage our impact.

Increased credibility and visibility
Collaboration with reputable partners and policy makers increase the credibility and visibility of our association. This builds trust and confidence, and helps to optimize the framework for a successful industry development.

Improved information exchange
Our partners enable us to access and transfer more knowhow, to provide our stakeholders with priviledged information, networking oppor- tunities, international connectivity and access to technologies.

Amplified support for Swiss biotech ecosystem
Our partners help promote and improve our platforms and thus accelerate and amplify
the support we can provide to the Swiss biotech stakeholders.

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