Swiss Biotech Success Stories

The Swiss Biotech Success Stories illustrate the valuable accomplishments and honor those who have made important and sustainable contributions to the biotech industry in Switzerland. The recognition is awarded annually and reflects the diversity and variety of this industry sector.

Demonstrating the power and potential of the Swiss biotech hub

Switzerland is one of the world’s leading biotech hubs and attracts many foreign companies, specialists and investors. It provides over 50,000 jobs and, together with the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, contributes to more than 40 percent of the Swiss exports.

To make the industry more visible, the Swiss Biotech Success Stories initiative was launched. Selected success stories are showcased to illustrate how Swiss biotech companies contribute to helping patients and improving health care worldwide – and thus also make a valuable and significant contribution to the Swiss economy.     

Laureates are individuals – or groups – who have earned extraordinary merits. Success is broadly defined as scientific, translational, medical or commercial accomplishments and other aspects with a positive impact on the biotech industry and society in Switzerland.

“It is essential to show the public the importance and success factors of biotech and ensure that decision-makers understand what it takes for the industry to develop and remain competitive. At the same time, young talent should be inspired and motivated to take a closer look at the variety of career profiles in biotech. As a successful and booming economic sector, the biotech industry depends on many passionate, visionary, and well-trained up-and-coming talent,” emphasizes Michael Altorfer, CEO of the Swiss Biotech Association.

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