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The ongoing conflict in Ukraine impacts millions of people. Since the start of the war, more than 60,000 refugees from the Ukraine have fled to Switzerland. Many of them are looking for temporary professional opportunities in our country.

A pilot project to offer support

In September 2022, with the support of People-Analytix, the Swiss Biotech Association launched a pilot project to offer support to Ukrainian citizens and other nationalities eligible for protection status S in Switzerland.

Through our digital platform, the Swiss Biotech Association helps to identify suitable job opportunities for professionals with a background in life sciences R&D impacted by the conflict in the Ukraine, so they can continue their professional careers and support their families.

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Rapidly expanding job platform

The pilot project is based on our digital platform, Swiss Biotech Orbit, that matches job opportunities and talents.

Since the launch of this project, various life science companies and the Swiss community of refugees from Ukraine have joined the platform and we are rapidly expanding it.

How to get involved

This initiative can only be successful with the support of our members and other stakeholders in the Swiss biotech industry. We encourage all our members and partners to join this project and collectively help many displaced refugees to find work and contribute to the growth of the life science industry in Switzerland.