Networking platforms

These platforms are set-up in research and science topics which are highly active and of interest for the Swiss biotech industry and academia members. These platforms organize meetings, workshops, conferences and kick-start pre-competitive research projects:

Antibiotics Platform

Platform Leader – Markus Seeger – biotechnet link

The Antibiotics platform bundles expertise in antibiotic research across Switzerland. It focuses on the discovery and development of novel antibiotics to treat multidrug resistant bacteria, and the development of rapid diagnostics. Its members are actively involved in NCCR Antiresist and SNF NRP 72. The platform organizes 1-2 networking events per year, typically accompanied with company or university visits. These networking activities foster research collaborations between industry and academia.

Swiss Industrial Biocatalysis Consortium

Platform Leader – Steven Hanlon
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The Swiss Industrial Biocatalysis Consortium (SIBC) is an industrial consortium focusing on the Swiss economic space through an integration of brains and ideas.

  • Through its actions, the SIBC promotes biocatalysis in the manufacturing industry, enabling the creation of new products, processes and ultimatively new businesses.
  • Through its action the SIBC facilitates the access to biotechnological tools for enterprises intending to use them for the production of organic chemicals and biochemicals.

The diversity of its industrial members, representing the pharma, fine chemicals, fragrance and flavor and agrochemical sectors, is a major strength of the SIBC and the sharing of pre-competitive knowledge and experiences is a key element and offering of the SIBC activity.


  • The SIBC is open to any Swiss company planning or actively pursuing biocatalysis.
  • The activities of the SIBC are characterized by a pragmatic approach and a high degree of trust among its members.
  • Pre-competitive information and know-how exchange. facilitates exchange and bundles local forces It practices the exchange of strains, enzymes and DNA sequence information encoding enzymes among its members.
  • Exchange of industrially relevant biocatalysis information is not shared with third parties.
  • The SIBC represents its industrial members in interactions with other similar national and international organizations.
  • The SIBC creates visibility for its members nationally (SUCHCAT, Innovationsraum Biokatalyse), interna-tionally (e.g workshops at the Biotrans Conferences) and by periodically publishing position papers

Meetings typically take place twice a year and include guest-presentations from academia or industry. A “Tools, Tricks and Tips” round was also introduced in which members can pose questions on technical and regulatory issues. Developments in bioinformatics including artificial intelligence and machine learning are examples of developments actively observed by the SIBC.

Biocatalysis and Biosynthesis Platform

Platform Leader – Rebecca Buller – biotechnet link

The Biocatalysis and Biosynthesis Platform promotes biocatalysis and biosynthesis as a complementary method to classic synthesis. It helps bridge the gap between academic laboratories and the production plant. By bundling the relevant research competences in Switzerland, the platform is developing a comprehensive biocatalytic toolbox consisting of enzyme libraries and methods to facilitate the development of biocatalytic and biosynthetic processes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The platform hosts its CCBIO Symposium on Industrial Biocatalysis every two years.

Bioresource Technologies Platform

Platform Leader – Philippe Corvini – biotechnet link

The Bioresource Technologies Platform addresses industrial needs for chemical and material resources to supply societal demand. It focuses on the recovery of valuable inorganic and organic chemicals and materials from biowaste, wastewater, and by-products of industrial processes. The platform provides access to a network of experts to develop R&D projects for processes and products. It organises events to exchange know-how to enable translational research from academia to industry.

Single Use Technology Platform

Platform Leader – Regine Eibl – biotechnet link

The Single Use Technology Platform focuses on the implementation of Single Use Technology in intensified and continuous biopharmaceutical production processes for vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and cell and gene therapeutics. It provides access to industrial and academic research partners in Europe and the USA. The platform co-operates closely with the DECHEMA working group “Single-use technology in biopharmaceutical manufacturing”. The platform hosts hands on training courses each summer for Swiss and international students.

The Swiss Biotech Association’s community platform enables direct exchange between members and working groups as featured on this very page.

Tissue Engineering for Drug Development and Substance Testing (TEDD) Platform

Platform Leader – Markus Rimann – biotechnet link

The TEDD Platform promotes the application of 3D organotypic technologies, aiming to replace and reduce animal experimentation (3R) for therapies development. It focuses on education, R&D and networking. The platform is composed of members from academia, clinics, industry and non-profits. It hosts several events per year, including workshops, symposia, and company visits. The platform helps its members generate research consortia, projects and grant applications.

Training for Pharma / Biotech Platform

Platform Leader – Thomas Villiger – biotechnet link

The Training for Pharma / Biotech Platform offers industry-relevant courses and summer schools to first, second, and third cycle students. It also offers specialized training opportunities for those already working in the industry. The Platform works with the Swiss Biotech Association to connect promising talent from Biotechnet member universities with career opportunities in the private sector.

Translational and clinical bio-manufacturing

Platform Leader – Steffen Zeisberger and Eliane Müller – biotechnet link

Regenerative medicine is one of the most dynamic areas of research in the biomedical research and is of central importance for the development of translational medicine. The aim of regenerative medicine is the restoration of dysfunctional cells, tissues or organs by stimulating the body’s own repair or regeneration processes or by biological replacement of tissue engineered living cells, tissues or biomaterials in the laboratory.

In Vitro Diagnostic Platform

Platform Leaders – Samantha Paoletti and Marc Pfeifer – biotechnet link

The In-Vitro Diagnostics Platform promotes technological innovation in the area of in-vitro diagnostics by providing access to a network of experts. It unites key stakeholders from industry, medicine and research organizations with skill sets ranging from molecular biology, biochemistry, micro-/nanotechnology, bioanalytics, miniaturization, automation, data management as well as regulatory affairs and health economics. The platform enables translational research through the organization of its annual event Swiss Symposium in Point-Of-Care Diagnostics.