NTN Swiss Biotech

Until 2019 the National Thematic Network Swiss Biotech™ actively promoted cooperation, networking and events to support the innovation process in biotech in Switzerland through the collaboration of the Swiss Biotech Association and biotechnet Switzerland.

NTN Board:

  • President: Walter Hoelzle, Vereinigung Pharmafirmen in der Schweiz (vips), president
  • Dr. Markus Grütter, Prof. em. Universität Zürich
  • Bruno Weber-Gobet, Travail.Suisse, Leiter Bildungspolitik


NTN Geschäftsstelle:

In 2013 the CTI (now Innosuisse) created a knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) initiative supporting eleven national thematic networks (NTNs) to further bring together companies and public research institutions in thematical areas which are particularly relevant to the Swiss economy.

The Swiss biotech and pharmaceutical industry, which plays a key role in the country’s economy, is being strengthened with the creation of the NTN Swiss Biotech™ that merges activities of  biotechnet Switzerland and the Swiss Biotech Association. This combination allows specific needs of SMEs from the SBA industry association and the biotechnet research network to be addressed in a more efficient and effective way. The academic and industry network joins forces to cover the entire value chain in life sciences from research to product development and marketing.

NTN Swiss Biotech™ has been successfully implemented and receives funds from Innosuisse until end of 2018.