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Photo competition

Swiss Tops​

On the lookout for the most stunning Swiss mountain picture
to feature in our communication.
Share your picture(s) with us and be rewarded.

Calling all photography enthusiasts

We are on the hunt for the ultimate snapshot of a majestic Swiss mountain range. This image will take center stage as one of our key visuals, representing our Swiss Biotech brand across our website, exhibition booth, various printed materials such as our Swiss Biotech Report and Swiss Biotech Directory, and in presentations.

So, don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity – send us your most breathtaking picture(s) of a Swiss mountain range and be rewarded.


Win 1,000 Swiss francs

If we select your photo(s), we will happily reimburse you with 1,000 Swiss francs for each and have the freedom to utilize it for all our requirements and media in the upcoming years (refer to the terms for more details).


By accepting the prize money, you grant us full ownership of your image and allow us to enhance it with additional information. By submitting your photos to us, you agree to these terms. 

If your picture(s) is/are not selected by us, we will not engage in any further correspondence with you or showcase it/them in any manner.

Technical requirements

Please upload your picture(s) with the form on this web page in the the highest available resolution. Regrettably, pictures taken with mobile phones do not meet the required resolution. If your picture is selected as a winner, we will get in touch with you to request the RAW data and/or a high-resolution TIF format from your professional camera for our purposes.

In short, we need:

  • Razor sharp image(s)
  • Photos in a professional high resolution, not taken with a mobile phone

Picture composition

In order to showcase the awe-inspiring beauty of the Swiss mountains, we kindly request that all of your pictures center solely on the majestic peaks, accompanied by the precise location where the photo was captured.

  • About 9 mountain peaks should be visible
  • Sky and foreground as calm as possible as we will want to add information (grafic/texts) to sky and foreground (see sample of our exhibition booth)

Send us your picture(s) directly online

Closing date: September 30

The lucky winner(s) of this competition will be carefully chosen by October, and we will be thrilled to inform you if you are the fortunate one.

However, if you haven’t received any communication from us by the end of September, it means that your photos did not meet our specific criteria. Don’t worry though, as we believe in saving both your valuable time and ours by not engaging in any further correspondence.

Past key sample visuals

Lake Geneva

Sample usage of your picture

The Swiss Biotech booth for exhibitions at our yearly flagship event, the Swiss Biotech Day - Your picture will be seen by thousands of people and support the Swiss Biotech brand.