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Guideline for investors and industry partners

As an investor or pharma representative you can use the platform to share your investment focus and partnering interests for Swiss biotechs. We summarize best practices and guide you through the process of registering further down.

Best practices for your presence

  • Although the platform is not accessible by the public, we recommend to disclose only non-confidential information.
  • Make sure your company information is always current.
  • Invite your colleagues and peers to join the platform.
  • If you or someone of your team leaves the organization, please inform us by an email.

Registering as an investor or industry partner

Please note that only Swiss companies can register as biotech venture on the platform. Best open in a separate window and use below step-by-step process to complete your entry on the platform. Be aware that the shown buttons only work on the platform. if you click on the pictures, they will enlarge for your convenience.

When you access the platform for the first time, click the red button

Click on create a free account

Fill out the form with first name, last name and a password of minimum 6 characters.
Most importantly: select the organization you belong to from the drop-down menu “Company”.
Should your organization not be listed please contact Maximilien Murone. After having consented to the terms and conditions you can click register

Start by clicking on “Complete user profile”

You are asked for your personal profile, defining your specific interests. Company information can be entered at a later stage of the registration process.

Notifications can be set in this section. You can change these choices any time later by accessing your profile. You will be able to set alerts, once your profile was validated.

Provide a phone number (will not be shared) and save your entry by ticking it off on the bottom right.

Use the “back” button of your browser to get to the next screen, then select “Complete company” to provide company information.

Now you can enter information about your company’s interests. Investors as well as pharma ventures will provide input on the typical investments size and their interest on the stage of development of the biotech companies, specific indications and modalities/type of business.

Pharma partners will equally disclose their interest regarding development stage, indication and modalities. This will be entered by the first user joining the platform for each company.

Additional users do not need to fill in this information, but they can update/adjust/edit it.

Completing the company information is absolutely crucial, as it directly impacts the functionality of the platform. Without it, the platform cannot be utilized to its full potential.

Provide the company address and contact information. This can be a generic email address as your personal information is already entered. Make sure that you save the information by ticking it off on the bottom right.

You have now entered all information. A member of the Swiss Biotech Association will confirm that you are eligible to use the Swiss Biotech Ventures platform, and you will receive an email once your profile is validated.

Once you have access, you will be able to explore the platform and discover a wide range of Swiss biotech companies and their innovative projects that are ready for financing or out-licensing.

Use the “sign in” option on the top right and use the email address and password you entered in the registration process. Should you have forgotten your password, you can click on “Password forgotten” and create a new password.

Once signed in, you will see the investor dashboard with the list of alerts. The first alerts are created based on the information you provided when you entered your profile. By clicking on the three vertical dots on the right you can delete the alerts.

Searching for biotechs and creating new alerts is possible by clicking on the red “Search for biotech ventures” button.

In the search section you can filter the project by several categories:

In addition to notifications and alerts, you can star companies. This is particularly useful if you want to follow the evolution of a company. After having starred a company, you will receive an email alert for every change that appears on the platform related to this specific company. You can un-star the company any time.

To create additional alerts, you can use the filtering functions. Once you set the right parameters, click on the alert symbol to save it as an alert.

In your dashboard you see the companies you are following and the alerts set.