Swiss Biotech Association now at headquarters of the Basel Chamber of Commerce

The Swiss Biotech Association will open a representative office at the Basel Chamber of Commerce on April 1, 2021. This demonstrates its commitment to Basel as a life sciences location with its innovative companies. Together with the Basel Chamber of Commerce, they are committed to a strong, competitive life sciences industry in the Basel region and Switzerland.

By joining forces, the Basel Chamber of Commerce and the Swiss Biotech Association want to further strengthen the life sciences industry in the Basel region. «The Swiss Biotech Association is dedicated to secure optimal framework conditions and facilitate access to talents, novel technologies and financial resources. The synergy between the Swiss Biotech Association and the Basel Chamber of Commerce is obvious, and we will use it to jointly support our members in the biotech industry», explains Michael Altorfer, CEO of the Swiss Biotech Association.

«We are pleased to welcome the Swiss Biotech Association to our headquarters at St. Jakobs-Strasse 25 in Basel», says Deborah Strub, Head of Cluster & Initiative and member of the Executive Board of the Basel Chamber of Commerce. About 250 companies are active in biotechnology in the Basel region. «Together, we will advocate for their interests in and around Basel. We are planning joint events to enable biotech companies to exchange ideas with regional politicians and authorities. And we want to present the public with emerging, science-based innovations in biotechnology and make them tangible. In a close collaborative partnership, we anticipate industry challenges, recognize opportunities, and will seize them together», Deborah Strub continues.

The Swiss Biotech Association works with a wide range of partners and life sciences clusters worldwide. «Thanks to the cooperation with the Basel Chamber of Commerce, as a national industry association we can increase our visibility and facilitate the dialogue with the companies in the Basel region. Thanks to the cooperation, we can also more actively support measures ensuring that the region remains attractive for the urgently needed industry talents», explains Heike Bihlmann, Liaison Basel, Swiss Biotech Association.