The Swiss Biotech Directory

Digitally always on, printed once a year

The Swiss Biotech Association has been publishing the Swiss Biotech Directory successfully for many years.

The most comprehensive compendium of Swiss biotech companies supports the promotion and networking of the industry, and its data quality is controlled.

Biotech companies and businesses from related fields are invited to add their data for free and value an inclusion in the directory as part of their marketing efforts.

Members of the Swiss Biotech Association are entitled to present more information than non-members, and benefit from attractive additional promotion opportunities.

The digital directory

Capture new business and get more visibility around the year

Swiss Biotech Directory entries get top positions in Google searches. Take the advantage to list your company’s key data, and thus open up new business opportunities, as your company is better found online (e.g. in searches by key business, core competencies and products).

More than 1,400 biotech companies are already listed in the directory – and it’s a valuable source for your business partners, potential customers, job seekers, the media and more stakeholders, interested in Swiss biotech companies.

The printed directory

A handy overview - published yearly

The printed Swiss Biotech Directory is based on the digital version, and provides a yearly, handy overview of Swiss companies active in biotechnology and related fields on about 150 pages and a circulation of 5.000 copies.

It is published in the first quarter of every year.

The Swiss Biotech Directory is distributed by direct mail and at national and international biotech conferences, exhibitions & events, to interested parties, to our members and partners.

Free PDF of the print edition

Sample pages company listing in print version
Sample page competence areas in print version