Your company listing in the Swiss Biotech Directory

Follow these easy steps to create, claim or update your listing

You are responsible for your directory entries. While some key data is mandatory to secure consistency and a meaningful basic content, we encourage you to fill in all data fields, add pictures, and information about your product pipeline, if applicable (we gather information for marketed drug products as well as products in development).

Step 1
Is your company already in the directory?

Use the search in the digital directory and search for your company’s name.

If your company is already listed

Note: For each company profile in the Swiss Biotech Directory there can only be ONE author.

If your company is not listed

Just use the “Add listing” button top right in the digital directory. Be aware, that all entries are quality-controlled, and will be published only after our check.

Process overview of listings

Just follow this process to claim and edit an existing company entry.

Step 2
How to update your listing

How to edit & submit your listing

When you are registered on the site, open your listing and click the “pencil icon” after your company’s name.

Check your company listing

  1. If your entry needs changes, make your amendments in the form and submit it.
  2. If all info is still valid, please submit your entry again as a confirmation for its correctness.

Directory data usage

Please note that we use your data from fields marked “For internal purposes” solely within the Swiss Biotech Association and in direct communication with you, and do not share it with anyone. By submitting this data, you agree to this use of your data. If you think that your company entry was claimed by a wrong person, please contact us.