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A guideline for ideal data entry

Event publishing rules

Before your event is published on our well-visited website, please check, if it meets these criteria:

We reserve the right to decide whether an event is published

If your event meets the event publishing rules, we will happily publish it within 5-10 working days.


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Language and style

  • No capitalization of words in titles or in texts
  • Short catchy title – max. 65 characters incl. spaces, too long titles will be shortened
  • US English only
  • No organization names or dates in titles, we only publish pure topical event titles
  • Do not repeat event location or date in your event description. Set date and location of your event in the appropriate fields of the event entry form
  • No mentions of event sponsors or any other advertising for event organizers (e.g. do not include “About” texts)
  • Avoid abbreviations (instead of e.g. SBA spell the name out: Swiss Biotech Association)

Depth of information and pictures

  • As you can provide a link to your own event webpage, we recommend that you keep the info about your event to the necessary minimum and as general as possible. This saves your time as regular updates – and additional approvals by us – are not needed.
  • Always include an illustrating event pic (best 2000 px wide and 1000 px high to get best quality). The picture cannot contain text as it is resized/cropped by our responsive design to fit all sizes of screens. If you do not have a suiting picture, our default event picture is inserted.
  • All links provided by you are checked to guarantee proper, trustworthy and secure forwarding of visitors to your event details, as program and registering for the event.

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