Job description

The Biosystems Engineering group at CSEM in Allschwil (BL) focuses on developing innovative tools for life sciences. Our core activities include the development of microfluidic devices for analysis of biological samples, biosensors for the detection of molecules, and novel experimental assays for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Working at CSEM, you will contribute to various ongoing projects in a stimulating, dynamic, and highly collaborative environment. You will have the opportunity to connect with a variety of project partners including early-stage startups, academic labs, and multi-national companies, and learn about activities of neighboring start-ups at the new Switzerland Innovation Park.

Current projects include developing droplet microfluidic assays for single cell applications, integration of microfluidic devices with light-based detection systems for high-throughput sorting of droplets, and polymer materials and micro-structured sensor patches for glucose monitoring.

Timeframe: Duration 6 months; starting spring/summer 2024

Compensation: Yes (details on request)

• Highly motivated and willingness to learn
• Basic knowledge, experience and/or interest in biology/chemical lab skills
• Understanding/interest in biochemistry, polymer chemistry, microtechnology, microfluidics, microscopy, and/or biomaterials
• Team player
• Fluent in English (German is not mandatory)
• Self-driven
• Enjoys working on challenging multi-disciplinary problems and takes initiative to propose creative solutions



  • CSEM Center, Switzerland Innovation Park Main Campus, Hegenheimermattweg 167A, Allschwil, Switzerland

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