Aspiring to be the Google Maps of the cell, Apricot Therapeutics, a spin-off from University of Zürich, is commercialising 4i imaging technology based on 17 years of development conducted at Pelkmans Lab, ETH Zürich and University of Zurich. Exclusivity on 2 patents for imaging + learning algorithms

Products, services, technology

Service delivers multiplex drug response profiling of patient biopsies at subcellular, single-cell, and multicellular scales, enabling high spatial resolution across large areas, no need for conjugated antibodies, identifies non-responders that typically make trials fail, unprecedented scalability

Cooperation possibilities

Drug discovery companies: to accelerate lead compound characterisation (e.g. Molecular Glue Degraders)
Hospitals/healthcare providers: for drug response profiling of ex vivo patient biopsies to improve treatment outcomes
Large pharma: to accelerate drug development (pre/clinical stages)

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  • Irchel Campus, Building Y55-K-04, University of Zürich
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    Private company
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  • Number of employees in Switzerland
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