Swiss Consultant-Network GmbH is developing a new data management system that can be used as a framework for the integration of heterogeneous data in the field of biological research and development. We offer our customers IT engineers, who have in-depth knowledge of computer science disciplines.

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FRIEND  Framework for the Integration of heterogeneous Enterprise Data

is a data management system and its associated database. FRIEND® is based in object oriented technologies, through which it can be extended to handle any kind of data. FRIEND® can easily bridge various data sources.

Cooperation possibilities

Our ETH IT engineers are hired out to our customers in staff leasing for around 1 year for use in the customer's own team. Then they develop the solutions desired by the customer in the FRIEND project.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Some insights

    We are building a free and open source data managment software solution, that helps access various data formats simultaneosly. This tool will enable and provoke meaningful collaborations between industries and academia, supporting and improving the advancements of R&D.

    We aim to solve a problem that we have been monitoring in various industries for over two decades. While we developped our idea and fixed ideal use-cases, the world of complex data has exploded, growing our confidence in our cause and success.

    The cooperation between the University of Zurich and ETH to merge life science research with world class computer scientists in innovative projects is inspiring and reflects a cause that we can deeply identify with.

    We are a team of computer science engineers with various IT backgrounds, like datascience, software engineering and ML and AI specialists. We search for skilled individuals in the fields of  classical computer science and bioinformatics.

    We build software for databases that «speak different languages», so they can smoothly communicate. This makes the use of multiple databases much easier, which in turn lets users connect dots in different databases without having to be database experts.

    We are interested in building B2B relationships with other players in the (swiss) biotech industry. We would appreciate a platform that opens conversations with potential customers, competitors, and sponsors, where experiences, ideas and collaborations can be discussed.

    We would like to meet any stakeholders who deal with complex data environments and who would like to explore the benefits that our personnel-leasing or our data managment software might bring to the table. We are particullarily interested in stakeholders who work with (spatial) biochemical datasets.

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