Avrion Therapeutics is a spin-off from EPFL developing AAV-based precision gene therapies for neurological disorders. Based on 10+ years of research at the Brain Mind Institute, we design cell-type specific gene therapy vectors, and identify novel targets using a proprietary discovery engine.

Products, services, technology

Bicistronic AAV vector tailored to selectively express therapeutic genes in neurons & astrocytes, to maximize efficacy & reduce risks of side effects. Avrion further develops this vector technology with a potent discovery engine to identify innovative therapeutic targets for neurological disorders.

Cooperation possibilities

Our bicistronic gene therapy platform allows co-targeting of neurons and astrocytes from a single AAV. The company is working on its second generation cell-type specific vectors to target other glial cells of therapeutic interest. Collaborations around the use of our bicistronic platform are open.

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  • c/o 3DLegal
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    Private company
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  • Number of employees in Switzerland
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