• Wednesday, November 9, 2022 @ 12:00 am
  • BCP’s ‘Trusted Collaboration Environment (TCE)’ is a research infrastructure service and software solution that supports development of novel therapies using industry leading healthcare data sharing capabilities
  • BC|INSIGHT Version 7, provides an open, scalable and secure data warehouse with extensive research analytics capabilities

BC Platforms (BCP), a global leader in healthcare data management and analytics, today announced it has launched a new software solution called the ‘Trusted Collaboration Environment’ (TCE) to support drug discovery for a wide range of disorders including cancer, rare diseases, and infectious diseases. To underpin this TCE approach the company has also upgraded its acclaimed BC|INSIGHT open platform version 7. The platform has a high focus on user experience, it is fully equipped with cohort building tools and capabilities to automate data release approval processes and highly dynamic open workspaces.

TCE is a collaboration optimised infrastructure  to ensure that healthcare organisations can share data with researchers globally while adhering to their local regulatory and privacy requirements. BCP has designed its TCE platform to level the regulatory playing field for access to real-world data (RWD). It protects proprietary algorithms used to support artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches for better pattern recognition in, for example, disease progression. TCE ensures that the developers of new medicines can focus on their research.

TCEs are built on the foundation of a Trusted Research Environment (TRE), a secure computing environment that manages sensitive patient data while allowing access for researchers. TCEs are increasingly vital tools in enabling international collaborative research as they enable multiple data partners to securely share RWD. 

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms, said, “We have a strong history of partnering with organisations who share our approach to uncover highly specific patient and population insights in order to drive the health systems of the future and deliver patient benefit around the world. Access to diverse and unique patient data and samples, which are often held in hard-to-access biobanks, is becoming increasingly fundamental to the success of biopharma companies and the world’s future health. A TCE is a core enabler to generate  life science data insights. It is the new future for RWD sharing over borders. Our TCE software solutions, which now include a fully integrated BC|INSIGHT 7 platform can help biotech companies unveil new targets for drug development, identify clinical biomarkers and disease sub-populations, and determine the root cause of disease.”

Niko Hurskainen, Chief Technology Officer of BC Platforms, said, ‘Our goal is to revolutionize drug development, in part through having the haplotype diversity of the world available to researchers. We developed our TCE solutions following over 15 years of working closely with pharma and biotech companies on large multi-site collaborations across five continents. Using TCE and BC|INSIGHT 7, multiple data partners can share high-fidelity data with a single pharma or life sciences company without the need to move the data, keeping it within a country’s firewalls but still enabling collaboration beyond borders. This can be especially important in rare disease research where there are only a few patients in each country. We help companies go from data to health.’

The company’s BC|INSIGHT 7 platform is a fully persona-driven platform, aligning with the highest data security and regulatory standards while supporting large-scale data analysis for insight generation and breakthroughs in medicine. It enables linkage with other modular BC Platforms solutions including BC|SAFEBOX and BCRQUEST. It provides full control of data assets, supporting fully secure research collaborations and leading to faster discoveries.


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