• Thursday, November 7, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

BC Platforms, a world leader in providing powerful genomic data management and analysis solutions, today announced that has established a Singapore-based entity in order to spearhead its activities in the Asia Pacific region, including China.

To mark the occasion, BC Platforms is jointly hosting a launch event with the Finnish Government (Business Finland) and IQVIA on 13th November focusing on Precision Medicine. The event will be attended by leading authorities in genomics including Professor Tai E Shyong, Director, Centre for Precision Health, National University Health System, Singapore, and Dr Kathleen Barnes, Head of Biomedical Informatics and Personalized Medicine in the University of Colorado, and takes place at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

BC Platforms’ investment plans include establishing a team of experts in a Singapore-based entity covering regional sales, customer service and R&D functions. The company is already collaborating with IntERPreT, a not-for profit, pre-competitive, engagement initiative for industry players to help develop Singapore's national personalised medicine program.

BC Platforms’ Asia strategy includes a strong precision medicine focus both in the actual healthcare operations as well as in genomics related research. Genomics is becoming a mainstream solution for improved clinical decision making. In parallel BC Platforms goal is to build cohort studies representing Asia’s rich multi-ethnicity that is of interest from a medical perspective; partnering with key institutions in the local ecosystem is essential in establishing world leading genomic data management and interpretation infrastructure.

Nino da Silva, EVP Asia, commented: ‘We are excited to establish a presence in Singapore, the gateway to Asia, which is the fastest growing market within Precision Medicine. The rising middle class in this region has greater expectations for more effective, personalised medicines and we have been impressed by the strong governmental commitment to facilitate genomics related research and innovation using genomic and clinical data.  Singapore provides a very vibrant and business friendly environment for us where we can recruit talent and grow our business.’