• Monday, December 5, 2022 @ 12:00 am

Setting new standards in drug discovery of immuno-oncology therapeutics:

  • thousands of molecular complexes can be presented on the surface of an array
  • great inventive merit is confirmed by the rapid granting of the patent
  • International property rights are being filed
  • low material consumption paves way for sustainable biopharmaceutical processes

With the newly patented process for the production of complex arrays, BioCopy is setting new standards in the state of the art. Especially for kinetic measurements of molecular interactions in high-throughput, a simple, resource-efficient method is elementary.  The German Patent Office granted the patent for the BioCopy technology much earlier than usual thanks to its great inventive merit.

Bio-Copy's new process requires little effort and saves resources. Arrays with thousands of molecular complexes cannot be made with current state of the art technology.  The results are impressive in the truest sense of the word. Molecular complexes can be clearly separated and presented on the surface of the microarray. The cavity structure of the chip (see picture) is reproduced one-to-one on the array. The individual measuring spots (150 µm), which are loaded with molecular complexes during the process, remain clearly separated from each other.

The patent grant not only secures BioCopy the exclusive rights to market its proprietary technology. It is also proof of the great innovative merit of this technology for the development of immuno-oncological therapeutics.

Due to the 'fresh' application of the molecules, there is no loss of quality. This reduces preparation time, guarantees clean measurements and provides high quality results of the binding kinetics.

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