Many cures target the cancer directly or by educating the immune system. The root causes of cancer are often sidelined as importance is given directly to the cancer itself. Thus, tackling the causes and their mode of action leading to cancer, is the aim at Cancer Research and Biotechnology AG.

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The CRAB team has data pointing to an essential factor that causes lethal human cancers. This constitutes the first step towards an effective curative and protective method to of present and potential patients. We believe this protective drug could be applicable to infants as well.

Cooperation possibilities
  • Funding: Value derives from knowledge of why and how cancer is started in the body, and developing drugs for a fast-to-market pathway
  • Research: The therapeutic agents
  • Manufacturing: Nutraceuticals, further pharmaceutical development, biologic drugs, phytochemicals and -drugs
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Zugerstrasse 72, CH-6340 Baar (Zug), Switzerland

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