• Thursday, October 18, 2018 @ 1:00 pm

Clinerion and S4 Research announce a partnership to expand the global network of hospitals on the Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform into India. International pharmaceutical companies will be able to match their leading-edge clinical trials to patients in India.

S4 Research, with its wide network in India and its deep experience in the clinical trials space, will support Clinerion in the expansion of its global network of partner hospitals in India.

Hospitals on the Patient Network Explorer platform gain high visibility when pharmaceutical companies make decisions on where to site clinical trials. The siting of a trial at a hospital brings innovative medical treatments and world-class medical care to the hospital’s patients.

For pharma, the search for suitable sites can be shortened by months and made more rigorous by using Patient Network Explorer, which performs data-driven queries of the EHR systems of partner sites, in real-time.

“We are very pleased to partner with Clinerion and being part of laying the foundation for a site network across India which will be able to leverage real world data using advanced software technology,” says Ali Bohra, Director, Site Operations of S4 Research. “Patient recruitment is crucial in every clinical trial and as much as 80% trial delays are due to recruitment related issues. Leveraging real world data from our extensive site network in India will accelerate clinical trials and add real value to hospitals, our clients and – very importantly – to the patients.”

“Traditional trial countries in Europe and North America are in high demand and may be somewhat saturated, with clinical trials competing for the same patient population,” says Randy Ramin-Wright, Site & Patient Network Director, Clinerion. “However, regions like Asia offer attractive untapped potential. “Moving East” has become a highly effective way for pharmaceutical companies to streamline operations and concentrate on their core activities. However, the local infrastructure and cultural understanding of emerging regions can present formidable barriers. S4 Research is familiar with these challenges and uses validated solutions to guarantee accelerated patient recruitment while maintaining the highest data quality standards.”

“S4 is a great fit for Clinerion in India,“ says Ian Rentsch, CEO, Clinerion. “They have the clinical expertise and the local experience to help us build enduring partnerships with hospitals and trials sites in India.”

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