• Tuesday, May 7, 2019 @ 12:20 am

Guy Parmelin
Federal Councillor of the Swiss Confederation


The theme of this year’s Swiss Biotech Report is ‘shaping change’. Biotechnology is one of many areas where change is happening fast, revolutionizing the way we help to heal, fuel, and feed the world. It is an exciting time but – alongside the opportunities to do new and exciting things – the speed and scope of change is of a magnitude that creates enormous challenges. Rapid change can cause anxiety, which in turn leads to resistance. That is why it is so important for us to communicate effectively and enable understanding across society.

A key aim of this report therefore is to explain and demonstrate how all stakeholders in the Swiss biotechnology industry are working together to plan and deliver the best possible outcomes. Business and academia are coming together to innovate, not just in terms of technologies, but also in terms of research and business practices.

Switzerland does have a highly qualified workforce, a stable economic and political system, and a good network comprising research institutes, companies, and government institutions. This enables the country to perform at the highest level and across all aspects of the industry; from new treatments to novel business models and particularly in ‘red biotech’ (health and medicine).

This gives us confidence that, with everyone working together, we can shape change positively. In this report you will gain insights into how this is happening today and take away ideas and inspiration to shape further change tomorrow.

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