• Friday, February 26, 2021 @ 12:00 am

4D Lifetec AG is a Swiss start up that has developed its proprietary and fully patented 4D Lifetest for the early detection of cancer based on a new innovative biomarker and liquid biopsy. The assay has been successfully clinically tested and shows an unprecedented potential in the early detection of cancer. After reporting positive results from the clinical validation studies for lung and prostate cancer in the past months, 4D Lifetec has announced today the successful completion of the first breast cancer cohort study.

As part of the multi-cancer observational study 'Prospective wvaluation of 4D Lifetest parameters to develop a universal early cancer diagnosis test', 4D Lifetec together with its clinical partners from Basel, St. Gallen and Lausanne collected blood samples from 51 participants (44% patients with newly diagnosed, untreated breast cancer and 56% non-cancer). Evaluation of the DNA damage susceptibility (DDS) biomarker comparing non-cancer with cancer samples resulted in a comparably high sensitivity and specificity as already reported for lung and prostate cancer (> 90%) . The mean DDS for early stage breast cancer I and II did not differ significantly from late stage II and IV supporting the suggested high performance also for early detection. Preliminary statistical analysis of the validation set shows an exceptionally good p-value for breast cancer of p<0.0001.

The latest results from the clinical study have demonstrated 4D Lifetest to detect breast cancer in patients' blood with the same sensitivity as it detects lung and prostate cancer. "The potential of 4D Lifetest to serve as a multi-cancer assay has been proven for 3 of the 4 most prevalent types of cancer", Arne Faisst, founder and chairman of 4D Lifetec said. The selection of these cancers was based on their highly variable aggressiveness and covers all stages.

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