• Wednesday, April 24, 2024 @ 12:00 am

Dr. Igor Fisch was elected as new board member of the Swiss Biotech Association at their general assembly on April 22. Igor Fisch is President of Fongit, Switzerland’s premier innovation incubator. He is also CEO and Co-founder of NewBiologix, a start-up active in gene therapies. Formerly, he was CEO and Co-founder of Selexis, a world-leading cell line development company. With a successful exit in 2017, Igor was instrumental in guiding Selexis to develop technologies that help biopharmaceutical companies manufacture biologic drugs such as monoclonal antibodies. Under his leadership, this resulted in 10 marketed products. He obtained his PhD at the University of Geneva and continued his postdoctoral studies under Nobel laureate, Prof. Sir Gregory Winter. Igor sits on the boards of Igyxos and Fluosphera.

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