• Monday, March 13, 2023 @ 12:00 am

INOFEA's core activities comprise empowering enzymes in biocatalysis/bioconjugation for Biologics and small molecule API manufacturing. Their technology makes enzymes more stable, easily removable and allows economically and environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes.

INOFEA has developed the technology platform enzzen, with which each enzyme or enzyme cocktail is anchored on particles and protected by applying a structured coating. This stabilization of enzymes prevents the inactivation of enzymes and gives them remarkable resistance to process conditions such as acidity, elevated temperatures, the presence of chaotropic agents and the presence of proteases. The result is a higher efficiency of enzzen-formulated enzymes compared to commercially available enzymes.

"Our mission is to become a preferred partner in enzyme technology through innovation, partnership and effective product delivery," says Dr. Anne Timm, managing director of INOFEA. “Our main goal is to strengthen enzymes in a way that is versatile, safe and economical. We will achieve this by reconciling scientific knowledge with the commercial use of the results and high environmental protection”.

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