• Tuesday, November 14, 2023 @ 12:00 am

InSphero AG, the global leader in 3D in vitro technologies for drug discovery, announces the launch of the MASH CALL Initiative for fast and reliable identification and comparison of therapeutic candidates for the clinical treatment of MASH.

InSphero AG, the global leader in 3D cell culture technologies for drug discovery, announces the launch of the MASH CALL Initiative for fast and reliable identification and comparison of therapeutic candidates for the clinical treatment of MASH.

3D in vitro model for scalable MASH screening
MASH (Metabolic Dysfunction-associated Steatohepatitis, recently renamed from NASH) is a complex, multi-faceted disease, impacting over 115 million individuals worldwide. Over the past few years, InSphero Liver Disease experts have optimized a human-relevant pre-clinical 3D in vitro MASH model, which empowers researchers to assess multiple parameters for fast early-stage decisions. Based on the scalable, translational, and reproducible 3D InSight Human Liver Microtissues, the model reflects the complexity of the MASH disease, unlocking a more comprehensive understanding of the compounds’ impact and efficacy on various facets of disease physiology.

The MASH CALL Initiative
Within the MASH CALL Initiative, researchers will be able to test simultaneously the safety profile, the anti-steatotic and the anti-fibrotic efficacy of their compounds. A valuable comparison to multiple controls and therapeutic candidates will help benchmark customer candidates and accelerate drug discovery in MASH.

“We believe that the MASH CALL provides a unique opportunity to help the identification of MASH therapies with a cost-effective and fast candidate screening approach. This has been possible thanks to recent improvements in scalability and automation of the InSphero 3D InSight MASH model.  We believe it represents a great resource to test not only multiple candidates but also drug combinations. We are eager to help the community in finding novel therapeutic approaches for MASH.”, said Dr. Francisco Verdeguer, Vice President, Liver Disease at InSphero.

If you’d like to accelerate your MASH research, join the InSphero MASH CALL Initiative in February 2024.

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