• Friday, April 19, 2024 @ 5:00 pm

First international chapter of Life Science Cares established in Switzerland – bringing hearts and
minds together by empowering the life sciences industry to support local communities.

Today, Life Science Cares, a collective effort of the life science industry to reduce the impact of poverty and inequality in their communities, launched in Switzerland, marking its first expansion as an independent association into geographies outside of the United States. “We are excited to launch Life Science Cares Switzerland (LSCS) today, in time, to engage with the local community at the upcoming Swiss Biotech Day in Basel,” said Nadine Zahnd, Managing Director of LSCS.

“At the heart of our life sciences community is the overwhelming sense to act and do good. We are building bridges between Swiss Life Science Organizations and local charitable organizations for individuals who may otherwise fail to access the opportunities afforded to so many of us.”

In Switzerland in 2021, 1.24 million people, including many families are considered at the brink of poverty. Those affected are at risk of losing their social contacts and often suffer from  psychological and physical health problems. Children in such families face often insurmountable obstacle to reach their full potential. It is the mission of LSCS to break this cycle and offer a path to unlock opportunity.

At the Swiss Biotech Day, LSCS will be showcased in the Plenary Session on 22 April 2024 and in a dedicated Panel discussion featuring the Swiss Red Cross, Cooley LLP, Novartis, the Swiss Biotech Association and Molecular Partners at 4.30 pm at Marriott Hotel in Basel. Information will be available for everyone who wishes to contribute to our mission at the Swiss Biotech Association Booth.

The Board of LSCS will be constituted by Isabel Dalli, Novartis; Sarah MacDonald, CEO LSC, Inc.; Dorothea Bergler, Swiss Red Cross; Patrick Amstutz, Swiss Biotech Association / Molecular Partners; Dieter Gericke, Homburger; Christoph Schmidt, up&up communication. Founding Members include Ulf Grawunder, Founder and former CEO of NBE Therapeutics; Bill Burns, former CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals; Dominik Höchli, former Head of Global Medical Affairs at Abbvie; Patrick Amstutz, CEO of Molecular Partners and Chairman of Swiss Biotech Association, as well as Molecular Partners, OM Pharma, the Swiss Biotech Association, HBM Healthcare Investments and others.

About Life Science Cares Switzerland
Life Science Cares Switzerland brings together the life science community and local non-profit organizations to build bridges for people with limited opportunities in our country. Our goal is to provide access to education and opportunity for all who wish to develop beyond their own limitations – by connecting the talents and minds of the life science community with the hearts of non-profit organizations.

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