MUVON Therapeutics is a Swiss clinical stage biotech company with the goal
of revolutionizing the treatment of various diseases caused by muscle damage
or degradation through the use of the patients' own cells. Our initial area of focus
is the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women.

Products, services, technology

The MPC therapy uses the patient’s own muscle precursor cells (MPCs), isolated from a small biopsy and expanded under GMP conditions, to regenerate damaged skeletal muscle tissue and thus increasing the muscles contraction strength.

Some insights

    MUVON's goal is to establish personalized, regenerative treatments as the primary standard of care to help the millions of patients suffering from seriously debilitating diseases to regain control over their life through minimally invasive, low-risk treatments for the regeneration of muscle tissue.

Additional address info
  • c/o ETH Zürich, WEH G-Stock
Facts & figures
  • Type of organization
    Private company
  • Year of foundation
  • Number of employees in Switzerland

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