Santersus AG is an innovative Therapeutic Apheresis company focused on using our patented technology for the cleansing of patient blood of cell free DNA and neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) looking to revolutionize how we can control the human immune and inflammatory response to disease.

Products, services, technology

Santersus AG has developed a NucleoCapture selective apheresis device – first in class fully functional product designed to capture and remove circulating NETs from patient blood.

Miniaturization of the technology is being developed to disrupt the cfDNA diagnostic kit market.

Cooperation possibilities

Our technology is useful in multiple therapeutic and diagnostic areas.  We are already in collaboration with a variety of groups ranging from Cancer diagnostic testing, Liver transplantation as well as adjunctive therapy for CAR-T cell treatments. Autoimmune disease is our next collaborative goal.

Additional address info
  • c/o Lex Futura AG
Facts & figures
  • Type of organization
    Private company
  • Year of foundation
  • Number of employees in Switzerland

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