Job description

Scientist/Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry Projects & Programs
Location: Basel, Switzerland

Monte Rosa is seeking an enthusiastic and highly talented chemist who is eager to advance molecular glue degraders (MGDs) as an emerging modality to drug undruggable proteins. This Basel-based position offers an exciting opportunity to be an integral member of a team of medicinal chemists at the cutting edge of drug discovery. The successful candidate will drive the medicinal chemistry of our highly innovative research programs to deliver MGD drug candidates in a fast-paced, intellectually stimulating and dynamic environment. Together, we discover the science of molecular glues that eliminate disease-causing proteins once thought impossible to touch.

Principal Duties and Key Responsibilities
 Contribute to the design of novel, active, and proprietary MGDs following given SAR patterns or developing these from data at hand, while utilizing state-of-the-art medicinal chemistry knowledge
 Closely follow emerging results of biological testing and ADME characterization to proactively propose new strategies and design new target molecules to improve compound properties
 Execute the syntheses of MGDs using our CRO network
 Work very closely and collaboratively with our interdisciplinary team of scientists to ensure timely and reliable delivery of project and pipeline objectives.
 Summarize and publish research in publications and patents

Job Requirements
 PhD in synthetic organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry
 Post-Doc experience is preferred and 2 to 5 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and/or biotech is required
 Familiarity with key concepts and optimization strategies in medicinal chemistry including a clear understanding of ADME properties
 Strong background in complex molecule synthesis and/or methods development experience with a wide range of techniques related to synthesis, purification, and analysis
 Basic understanding of disease biology and familiarity with all stages of pre-clinical research in drug discovery
 Proven track record of productive research/discoveries through publications and/or patents
 Familiarity with databases and data analysis tools
 Excellent written and oral communication skills in English
 Experience of collaborating with CROs is a plus
 Familiarity with molecular modelling software (e.g., Maestro) is a plus
Interested Candidates should forward CV and, Cover letter and Publication list at or apply on line at

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