• Monday, November 18, 2019 @ 12:00 am

Securecell today announced that it has introduced Sephara, a high performance in-situ filtration membrane for applications in bioprocess sampling and perfusion processes for use in selected bioprocess laboratories. Interested users can participate in an early access program for the Sephara technology.

The Sephara membrane technology addresses the key problems associated with conventional filtration-based sampling procedures such as adsorption effects, fouling, clogging, unwanted and unselective separation, lack of multi-usability. Sephara provides retention of particles with sizes greater than the pore diameter thereby addressing the issues associated with particle contamination during downstream analytics and product purification.

In microbial or high-density mammalian cultures, Sephara acts as a prefiltration device and assures early separation of cells from supernatant for subsequent metabolite and product analysis.

As all Securecell products, Sephara probes offer easy integration with Lucullus, the most comprehensive and versatile PIMS (process information management system) available.

The Sephara technology eliminates some of the gaps in real-time process monitoring, brings analytics closer to the operation, and helps develop a rapid and deeper understanding of the bioprocess. In summary, Sephara is a technological game changer enabling online process monitoring and continuous manufacturing at high volumetric productivity.

For perfusion runs at the benchtop scale, Sephara eliminates the need for attaching ancillary equipment to the bioreactor, such as external hollow fiber devices. It is tailored to settings using 0.25 – 2.0 l bioreactors and for runs lasting up to three weeks.

“The pipeline products based on Sephara will change the way online sampling for automated metabolic monitoring, product generation measurement, and bioprocess control will be done. Sephara has undergone extensive inhouse testing and its products will soon be available for use in selected bioprocess labs. We are delighted to be able to bring this sort of value to our biopharma customers who share a need for improved sample-based PAT solutions. In addition, we especially welcome labs looking into novel approaches to conduct perfusion cultures in order to produce product amounts in benchtop reactor systems for supplying early clinical trials” said Dr. Carlo Andretta, Founder, President & CEO of Securecell.

Sephara is at the core of Securecell’s latest product additions to its process analytical technology solution portfolio. The upcoming reactor probe products harboring Sephara will be used as standalone sampling and perfusion devices or as an integrated pre-filtration solution with Numera, Securecell’s autosampling and sample processing instrument.

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