Somagenetix is a Spin-off from the Univ of Zurich leveraging scientific, clinical and commercial expertise to solve unmet medical needs through gene therapy. We aim at becoming a leading gene therapy company with first-in-class and best-in-class treatment for phagocyte-related disorders.

Products, services, technology

Based on current unmet medical need & our experience, we focus on 3 therapeutic fields:

  • Immunodeficiency with Chronic Granulomatous Disease as target indication
  • Neurology with fronto-temporal dementia
  • Oncology treating cancer with brain metastasis e.g. primary brain cancer, breast cancer, melanoma
Cooperation possibilities

At the moment, fund raising for series A our contact with investors is our #1 priority.

Some insights

    The objective of Somagenetix is to provide a once in a lifetime treatment aiming at curing children and adults suffering from highly debilitating inherited diseases that currently have limited options or no treatment available.

    I am proud of my company because the center of all our actions is the patients, how to accelerated the path to market and provide them with a treatment. It’s an honour to be a part of a team whose dedication to ethics and professionalism always comes through.

    My team is composed of seasoned academic professional experts in Cell and Gene therapy with a high level of knowledge and more importantly of experience in this field. We now need to integrate few people with industry background to complete & strengthen the team and professionalise our approach.

    My wife knows exactly as she's part of the pharma industry but for my kids ... "Dad is selling drugs to big Companies" :) ... well not exactly but maybe one day. I try to explain how all this works and how we are trying to cure the patients.

    For our small start-up Company being part of the Swiss ecosystem is very important to get access to the network, get introduced to Investors. It is also very valuable to share and benefit from other companies experience.

    At the moment, fund raising is our #1 priority and so Investors would be choice number one. Then, help on non-dilutive financing to get access to grants. After this, it could be of interest to get introduced to companies of our size or that just passed our stage to discuss & share experience.


In der Breiti, 8047 Zürich, Switzerland

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    Private company
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