SOPHiA GENETICS - generating clinically actionable insights and improved patient outcomes from a global data-sharing network

SOPHiA GENETICS was founded to generate clinically actionable insights from data to improve patient outcomes. The company’s mission is to provide equal access to knowledge and capabilities by democratizing data-driven medicine. SOPHiA GENETICS has purposefully built a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform capable of analyzing data and generating insights from complex data sets and different modalities. The platform standardizes, computes, and analyzes digital health data and is installed across decentralized locations to break down data silos. Using data-driven medicine, healthcare professionals supplement their own experience with data insights and shared knowledge from their peers to inform the best course of action for their patients or research.

The goal is to empower clinicians and researchers around the world to practise data-driven medicine and improve clinical and scientific outcomes. SOPHiA GENETICS believes that a decentralized platform is the most powerful and effective solution to create the largest network, leverage data, and bring the benefits of data-driven medicine to customers and patients globally.

From its inception, SOPHiA GENETICS has identified opportunities for innovation in the healthcare industry that would significantly improve patients’ care. We’re committed to making a difference. Our corporate DNA, rooted in quality, precision, and robustness, is the key to our success and a promise of hope for millions worldwide.

Jurgi Camblong, Co-Founder & CEO of SOPHiA GENETICS

  • Nominated in 2022
  • Winner in 2023