Headquartered in Zug, Biogen has been a key stimulus and model for the biotech industry. Its best-selling drug against multiple sclerosis or its latest Alzheimer’s candidate, as well as the new production facilities in Luterbach, creating 600 new jobs, are proof of Biogen’s success.

Founded in Geneva in 1978, Biogen is a true biotech pioneer, bring- ing innovative therapies to people living with severe neurological diseases all around the world.

Today one of the world’s largest biotech company with over 7,000 employees, the breadth of expertise across the company’s founders, scientific advisors, and co-workers, as well as its original investors, has helped shape much of the development of the global biotech industry. Notable industry leaders include Nobel Prize laureates, Walter Gilbert and Phil Sharp, as well as Charles Weissmann and André Muller. Each has had a significant impact on the development and success of Biogen.

In 1982, the company moved its headquarters to Boston and in 1983 launched its IPO on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Despite the move, Biogen maintained close Swiss links. In 2003, Biogen merged with Idec Pharmaceuticals and the following year the company returned to Switzerland, establishing its international headquarters in Zug in 2004. In 2006 it acquired Swiss company Fumapharm, having licensed one of its most important products, Tecfidera, a fumaric acid ester used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis.

Today, Biogen’s R&D efforts focus on devastating neurological diseases. The company has a next-generation biologic manufacturing facility in Luterbach, creating up to 600 new Swiss jobs and drive unrivaled, innovative scientific research.

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