Welcome to the immersive world of partnerships. This multi-sector conference brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, venture funds, and academic researchers from all sectors to explore the crucial role of partnerships in scaling and innovating businesses.

Through captivating pair presentations by start-ups and corporates, gain valuable insights into company strategies, different forms of partnerships, challenges encountered, and successful approaches to implementing win-win alliances.

Why attend?

  • Learn and collaborate: exchange experiences and ideas, gain valuable insights about various strategies and forms of partnership, get practical suggestions to design win-win approaches for a successful implementation.
  • Connect with the most relevant attendees through our 1:1 meeting platform (accessible upon registration), powered by advanced AI matchmaking. Maximize your networking opportunities and forge valuable connections.
  • Discover new opportunities: Identify fresh perspectives, explore potential alliances, and unlock new avenues for innovation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to forge meaningful connections, gain insights, and unlock the potential for innovation and growth!

  • September 23, 2024 @ 12:00 am
  • Lausanne
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