• Monday, February 12, 2018 @ 12:00 am

The Children’s Emergency Hospital "Louis Turcanu" brings over 90,000 patients in the Timișoara area to the PRS network of hospitals, expanding Clinerion’s global footprint into Romania.

The Children’s Emergency Hospital "Louis Turcanu" (Spitalul Clinic de Urgenta pentru Copii „Louis Țurcanu”), in Timișoara, is the first hospital in Clinerion’s PRS network which specializes in pediatric care, opening up PRS to more expert research in the field.

The "Louis Turcanu" hospital is the leading pediatric healthcare facility in Western Romania. Founded in 1903, it offers a variety of professional activities covering the full range of pediatric specialties. It has more than 500 beds and 8 principal investigators running more than 20 clinical studies per year.

By joining Clinerion’s PRS platform, the "Louis Turcanu" hospital will benefit from improved access to leading-edge sponsored clinical trials run by international pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations. The hospital’s investigators will reap huge time savings during site evaluation and when screening for eligible patients for studies. Their patients will gain early access to innovative medication and more options for treatments. They will also benefit from PRS’ ability to query their own patient database with complex criteria via a simple web interface without compromising patient privacy.

“Our hospital has a long history of leadership in children’s health and we continue to contribute to the development of pediatric medicine by running studies for clinical research. PRS offers us exposure to more research which is innovative and international in scale,” says Dr. Adam Ovidiu, Manager of Louis Turcanu.

“The beauty of Clinerion’s network is that we are able to propose trial sites around the world and with a plethora of specializations to sponsors. We are thrilled to add the Children’s Emergency Hospital "Louis Turcanu" and its expert pediatric clinicians to PRS,” says Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion.

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