• Tuesday, July 25, 2023 @ 12:00 am

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and InSphero AG, two organizations at the forefront of innovative, human-centric life-science research, have announced the launch of a joint award program.

The HUMAIN (Human Advanced In Vitro Model Initiative) program will provide five academic groups with InSphero's cutting-edge products, worth $20,000 each, aimed at furthering the development or validation of 3D in vitro models and reducing the reliance on animal testing in scientific research. Additional grants for conference presentations and open-source publications of up to $4,500 per group are available to make the research results widely visible. All awardees will receive initial training and continuous scientific support from InSphero’s 3D cell-culture experts to support the project.

Elizabeth Baker, Esq., director of research policy at the Physicians Committee, commented on this landmark collaboration: “We are thrilled to collaborate with InSphero in a shared goal to replace animal testing with more precise, reliable, and scalable research methods. This award program will empower innovative scientific groups to develop or refine 3D in vitro models, paving the way for a new era of research.”

InSphero CEO and co-founder Jan Lichtenberg, PhD, added, “By integrating our advanced 3D in vitro technology with the groundbreaking work of academic groups, we're not just taking a step towards more human-focused research practices—we’re making a leap. Together with the Physicians Committee, we look forward to seeing the great advancements these awards will undoubtedly inspire.”

The joint program underscores both organizations' commitment to revolutionizing scientific research by promoting human in vitro methods that are not only ethical but can yield more accurate and relevant data for human health. It is an example of the powerful advancements that can occur when like-minded organizations come together in pursuit of a shared vision for the future of science.

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